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All our diplomas are recognized

There are two ways of accreditation of diplomas or qualifications at national level in France: the one via the Ministry of Higher Education and Research (referred to as diplomas, degrees) and the one via the Ministry of Labour (referred to as titles certified and registered at the RNCP – Répertoire national des certifications professionnelles).

All the training programs offered by FIGS Education to international students lead to titles and diplomas that are part of this guarantee of the French State through one or the other of the tracks.  

Other national or international labels or accreditations may also be associated with certain programmes and thus constitute additional tokens of recognition. 

  • BAC+2 | BTS, BTSA | RNCP Level 5  |  120 ECTS 
  • BAC+3 | RNCP Level 6  | Licence grade  |  180 ECTS 
  • BAC+5 | RNCP Level 7  |  Licence grade  | 120 ECTS 


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This state guarantee is fully in line with the European LMD system and ECTS credits, with understandable and transferable diplomas and levels all over the world.

Some business schools, the «Grandes Ecoles», also have the Master’s degree as part of their Grande Ecole Programme, an additional guarantee of quality also managed by the CEFDG. This prestigious label has only been awarded to about forty schools in France. 

Affiliations and other high-level labels

Thanks to the Erasmus + charter, international students can also follow part of their programme in another European country without additional VISA (if the educational program followed requires it)

This real quality label allows them to participate in various Community actions in terms of lifelong learning and in particular, in intra- and extra-European mobility actions.  

Numerous exchanges of students and teachers have been organised every year since the launch of the Erasmus programme in 1987, facilitated by the granting of mobility grants.

Erasmus +

Our schools are also members of various associations and/or clubs related to their business sector such as the AACSB (North American Association of Business Schools) for the business and management sectors or AXELERA (green chemistry competitiveness cluster) for environmental sectors.

They are also members of various organizations such as Campus France (public French institution in charge of promoting French higher education abroad and welcoming foreign students and researchers in France), EAIE (European Association for International Education or AGERA (Alliance des Grandes Ecoles Rhône-Alpes Auvergne).