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Interior architects and interior decorators are both called upon to 'design' interior spaces. Passing on the "art of design" is in itself an ambitious teaching project. How do you prepare a student for the act of planning something that does not yet exist spatially, and which is ultimately intended to become a constructed reality? Designing new spatial forms requires the ability to navigate seemingly contradictory fields: being imaginative and rigorous, knowing how to move from the abstract to the concrete, having an artistic sensibility and an interest in technology, having a personal outlook and satisfying a standardised world, knowing how to reconcile dreams and economic reality...

The curriculum is designed to challenge and develop these different abilities, and it is through practical projects that students will experience the synthesis of these skills. The levels of synthesis will vary from year to year, so as to gradually lead the student towards a form of thinking that can manage increasingly complex data.

Ultimately, students need to be versatile and adaptable, so as to be able to respond to the diversity of professional situations. The curriculum reflects the need for professional know-how. The School strives to maintain a constant link with the professional world, by calling on the services of professionals as lecturers or through compulsory work placements for students at the end of each year or through School exercises with real clients.

The School also aims to remain on a human scale. It aims to be a place conducive to communication, with a dynamic atmosphere and a high level of personal commitment. Work with passion and rigour to be ready to enter the professional world.

Recognized diplomas

  • Architecture intérieure - full french
  • Décoration intérieure - full french

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