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SUP'DE COM is the school for all communication professions. It trains the future strategists of global communication, on and off line, media and non-media, for successful professional integration in a constantly evolving sector. SUP' DE COM has been training future experts in global communications since 1985. Backed by a network of expert lecturers, the teaching team will help you develop your digital, strategic and creative skills. The courses teach students the basics of general communication, while offering them specialisation courses in various fields (creative, events, digital, influence, social networks, CSR, etc.).


The SUP'DE COM School of Communication was founded in 1985. With 38 years of experience, it offers a structured framework around an innovative teaching project.

All the training programmes are validated by a State Diploma (BTS Communication) or by a Title registered in the Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles.

A progressive training path that will open the doors to the world of communications agencies, the media or advertisers in communications departments.

SUP'DE COM is a networked school of communication. With its 15 campuses, it is the 1st communications school in France. For you, it's a guarantee of proximity.

Training global communication strategists

SUP'DE COM's mission is to train future communication strategists, in media and non-media, on and offline, for professional integration in a constantly evolving sector.

The values of SUP'DE COM

At a time when higher education is questioning the need to adapt to changes in society, technologies and generations, the SUP'DE COM school of communication has taken a hard look at itself. With one central question: what values does it intend to pass on to the future players in the communications industry?

The 4 SUP'DE COM values, combined with the HEP values (Humanism, Entrepreneurship, Professionalism) of the C&D network, were chosen through a collaborative process within the SUP'DE COM network. The school takes great care to ensure that these values are lived out on a daily basis, by employees, students and trainers alike.

Innovation: Anticipating tomorrow through a collective dynamic of research to create value.

Diversity: Drawing on the richness of everyone and being a social player for everyone.

Commitment: Getting involved in the common mission of acquiring and sharing know-how and interpersonal skills.

Audacity: Dare to be different, show initiative and curiosity, become aware of your strengths and reveal yourself.
To find out more about this approach, download the SUP'DE COM white paper: Corporate Values.

Recognized diplomas

  • Bachelor Responsable de Communication - full french
  • Mastère Manager de la communication - full french






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