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School of the environment and sustainable development

From Bachelor's to MSc level, our aim is to meet the challenges of the ecological transition, the industry of the future, sustainable construction, the circular economy, agri-food, biodiversity, energy, mobility, green chemistry and more! We are training the future experts for a greener, more responsible economy and future.


For us, the green economy IS the future of our world.
Faced with the climatic and ecological challenges facing our world, we are training the players in the ecological transition. These are the talents who will accompany the transition. Men and women capable of observing, interacting, innovating and developing new approaches and methods to transform economic models. We help them to find the meaning that will guide their actions.

So that they strike the right balance between business and ecological issues. So that they are constantly learning to take better action.

Changing the world of tomorrow already means thinking about changing ourselves.
We ourselves observe the world around us and seek to play an active role in innovation. By collecting and analysing data and staying close to companies, we can adjust our programmes, experiment with new educational models, adapt to the realities of our sector and look to the future.

Recognized diplomas

  • Bachelor Chargé d’affaires Environnement et Énergies - full french
  • MSc Manager Qualité Hygiène Sécurité Environnement - full french
  • MSc Manager de la stratégie environnementale (majeure RSO ou économie circulaire) - full french

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